Mission & Objectives


To provide a common platform for all general paediatricians in Europe, that will offer them the necessary tools in order to be up-to-date and feel empowered to achieve their personal professional endeavours.


By 2015, be internationally perceived as the leading paediatric association in Europe and neighbouring areas, representing leading operative standards for uniting paediatricians internationally and facilitating their joint efforts to work, learn and grow together.


Our core values are ones based along the dimensions of

  • High quality in everything we do
  • Long and adequate experience for assigned experts and team members
  • A real understanding and knowledge of our profession and its impact on society
  • Openness and transparency in our work
  • A global thinking and outreach
  • Exchange of ideas and best practice for continuous development
  • Equality across gender, age, nationality and religion
  • Integrity to show respect towards the people we are privileged to work with


  • Encourage co-operation between National Paediatric Associations in Europe
  • Stimulate collaborative research into paediatrics in Europe
  • Improve the quality of paediatric patient care in all European countries
  • Promote the exchange of national experiences in the various fields of patient care
  • Co-operate with paediatric associations worldwide, the WHO and UNICEF
  • Organise and arrange congresses and meetings for the benefit of our members
  • Represent European paediatricians in relation to the IPA