Invitation to General Assembly

Attendance to the annual General Assembly and scientific activities of the European Paediatric Association - Bucharest 7-10 June 2017

20th March 2017

Dear National President,

we are writing to inform you that Europaediatrics 2017 conference will be held in Bucharest, Romania 7th–10th June 2017, and we are putting together what we hope will be an exciting and innovative program (

In particular, we would be delighted if you could attend the General Assembly of EPA-UNEPSA, representing your national society.
Furthermore, we would be pleased if you will be able to take active part in a number of related important sessions listed below, representing the view of your National EPA-UNEPSA member Organization.
We would be delighted if you will consider your presence at the following sessions:

I. EPA-UNEPSA General Assembly: June 8 (12.15-13.45). Hall E
II. WHO SYMPOSIA: Improving pediatric quality of care. WHO approaches in the regional and national pediatric levels: June 8 (14.15-15.45). Hall D
III. EPA/UNEPSA SYMPOSIUM: Filling the gaps between primary and tertiary paediatric care: June 9 (09.00-10.30). Hall D
IV. EPA/UNEPSA DEBATE SESSION: pros-cons in pediatric practice. Is there a role for Probiotics in pediatric practice? June 9 (13.30-15.00). Hall E
V. EPA/UNEPSA SYMPOSIUM: Diversity of child health care services in Europe: lessons from the National Pediatric Societies: June 9 (15.30-18.00). Hall E
VI. EPA/UNEPSA SYMPOSIUM: Updates in Pediatric Public Health: June 10 (10.30-11.30). Hall E

The fee of your registration to the congress will be covered by the Organization.
Should you have any practical question about the 8thEuropaediatrics, please contact RoTP (the professional conference organisers). Ms. Mihaela Agaficioaie ( and Ms. Cornelia Nita ( ) will be delighted to assist you.

We would be very grateful if you will be able to be in Bucharest.
Looking forward to your reply

Leyla Namazova-Baranova, MD
Professor of Pediatrics
President, European Paediatric Association,
the Union of National European Paediatric Societies and Associations

Download Attached - General Assembly of the European Paediatric Association
Union of National Paediatric Societies and Associations