14th International Child Neurology Congress ; May 1st – 5th, 2016 ; Amsterdam, the Netherlands


34th Annual Meeting (ESPID 2016) ; May 10-14 , 2016; Brighton, UK


49th Annual Congress of ESPGHAN; 25-28 May 2016; Athens, Greece

CHILDREN. FIMP International Meeting

May 12-14, 2016 - Bari, Italy (elodiaeventi@gmail.com)


50th Annual Meeting of the Association for European Paediatric and Congenital Cardiology; Rome, Italy; 1st to 4th June 2016


XV International Congress of Pediatric Pulmonology; Naples, Italy; June 23-26, 2016


As the official representative of Europe in the International Paediatric Association (IPA), the European Paediatric Association, the Union of the 50 National European Paediatric Societies and Associations (EPA-UNEPSA) fully supports the 28th International Congress of Pediatrics, which will be held in Vancouver, Canada (August 17-22, 2016)


55th ESPE Annual Meeting; Paris, France; 10-12 September 2016.


17th Congress of the International Pediatric Nephrology Association; Iguaçu, Brazil; September 20 24, 2016


6th Congress of the European Academy of Paediatric Societies (EAPS 2016) ;
21-25. September, 2016; Geneva; Switzerland

Following the successful 7thEuropaediatrics in Florence, the 8th Edition of Europaediatrics will be held in Bucharest , Romania on 7-11 June, 2017.

It is a pleasure to cordially invite you to the 8th Europaediatrics Congress of the European Paediatric Association, the Union of National European Paediatric Societies and Associations (EPA-UNEPSA), that will be held in Bucharest, Romania on 7th-11th June, 2015.

The programme for the congress, which is the highlight of the activities of the EPA/UNEPSA is being developed by the EuroPaediatrics 2017 Scientific Committee. The theme of sharing good practice will be developed in a close collaboration with the European Pediatric Specialty societies and with the support and involvement of the 50 national European Paediatric Societies and Associations, members of EPA-UNEPSA in an effort to build on the concept of “Learning across Borders and Languages”, which has characterized the previous edition held in Florence in 2015.

With all the best wishes and looking forward to welcoming you in Bucharest in 2017.

For any preliminary information please contact the Secretary General of EPA-UNEPSA (secretarygeneral@epa-unepsa.org)