Corporate Partners

Corporate support to EPA-UNEPSA projects aimed at fulfilling its scientific mission

EPA-UNEPSA welcomes corporate collaborations. Such collaborations are based on ethical principles and transparency.

EPA-UNEPSA is locally related to the over 200.000 pediatricians active in Europe through its member Societies and Association. Furthermore EPA-UNEPSA enjoys the direct attention of over 30,000 active pediatricians in Europe and beyond. Such paediatric community, is regularly informed about EPA-UNEPSA activities by periodical mailings and the publication of the traditional EPA-UNEPSA Newsletters. The important feed-backs received by the community, are useful to EPA-UNEPSA to properly plan its further activities.

EPA-UNEPSA has developed a corporate collaboration programme that allows companies to support our work, provided they share our mission and values, and comply with our ethical principles and “guidelines” for Relations with Industry. Jointly we can understand diverse issues better, and develop targeted activities to effectively meet paediatricians’ needs for medical education, best practice guidelines, and interactive communication. By working and learning together and by proactively combining our strengths, we can develop beneficial projects and improve the European's child health.

Since 12th February 2009 EPA has adopted a corporate relations policy, in which possible forms of collaboration between EPA and its corporate counterparts are detailed. The policy is available on the following link: Corporate collaborations Policy

EPA-UNEPSA is grateful for the support of sponsors to its programs in favor of children health and well-being and welcomes new candidates on a continuous basis.