IPA Statement on Safety and Health of Children Living in Ukraine The International Pediatric Association (IPA) is deeply concerned for the safety and health condition of all children who are suffering and affected due to the war between Ukraine and Russia. We also very concerned for the children for now refugees in neighboring countries. Children are often the innocent victims during armed conflicts. In alignment with the IPA constitution and on behalf of all children, we call on all international communities to take the necessary measures in support of the safety and well-being of children affected by the war in Ukraine. Exposure to war and violent acts adversely affects the life trajectory of children far more than adults. Apart from the potential for loss of live, physical injury and disability, disruption of their daily lives, schooling, parental and family support could lead to the development of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental health issues. Poor nutrition, insufficient water safety, poor sanitation, loss of housing, limited access to healthcare, increased risk of communicable diseases, with population movement all contribute to impact war have on children. As pediatricians, we are committed to the health and well-being of children from all racial and ethnic backgrounds. By ensuring these rights, only then we can protect children and secure their future. Today in Ukraine, a child may lose his or her live, become injured or disabled, loose a parent or a family member, learning opportunity at school, time to live as a child and play with friends. Their lives will not be the same when the war ends and they will carry the scars of the distress they endured for the rest of their lives. This letter serves as the official position statement and we invite the international community to make every effort for the war to end as soon as possible, in the interest of protecting children's safety, wellbeing, education, and health in Ukraine. We should all strive for fair, equal, and dignified treatment of children. We should protect the rights of children to be protected from harm throughout the fighting, and their safety must be a priority under the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). In addition, humanitarian supplies including food and medical supplies to the families and children should be ensured as generous and efficient. These actions are imperative to prevent the detrimental effects of war on psychological and physical health over children.

EPA-UNEPSA joins IPA in: working for Every Child, Every Age, Everywhere
Prof. Enver Hasanoğlu President , Prof. Aman Pulungan IPA Executive Director
Massimo Pettoello-Mantovani, President EPA-UNEPSA (IPA Member Society)

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